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Explore, Read,

and Evolve
With Dr. Beth

Dr. Beth Gineris untangles the complexities of relationships and enables minds to evolve as they read through her literary masterpieces.

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A Healer-And-Literary Wizard

Why Choose Dr. Beth as Your Healer?

Well, she’s got a lot of tools and uses an integrated spirit/mind/body view in her coaching and acupuncture. She is compassionate, strong, funny, and super smart. In fact, she’s very perceptive and can gently help you face the stuff blocking you from healing or growing, whether those blockages are part of your belief systems, approaches to life, or are external factors. She wants to teach you how to do it for yourself by creating structure and sacred connections deep inside so that you can confidently pursue your goals toward success.

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Dr. Beth’s Books

She’s written three books filled with useful and healing information to support you.

Why read these books?

Reading these books opens the door for increased awareness and personal support in your relationships, your community, and your inner landscape.

Turning Me to We

To develop the art of mindfulness by establishing and enhancing communication skills.

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Sarabeth and the Five Spirits

A mind-bending fiction that promises readers adventure, thrill, and excitement.

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Turning NO to ON

A guide for acquiring the right attitude for parenting with mindfulness.

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